Official Melcalin Store

Official Melcalin Store is now online. Melcalin® is  a  line  of  food  supplements specifically designed for the recovery of the acid-base balance, of the   metabolic and neuro-immuno-endocrine functions, for the [...]

Chronic low-grade inflammation

Support with essential fatty acids EPA + DHA (Omega-3) and Hops        Supplementation with Melcalin LUPES Introduction Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the body aiming the elimination and subsequent [...]

BioTekna announce the scientific partnership with the McLaren Technology Centre

BioTekna, Italian company with over 20 years experience in improving health and psychomotor performance, now becomes an official partner of the McLaren Technology Centre. BioTekna has been committed to the [...]

Metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Supplementation with Melcalin Dimet, Nimet and Vita

Introduction The cellular energy metabolism includes all of the processes that generate cellular energy (ATP) following the demolition of sugar (glycolysis), lipids, and small percentage of proteins. ATP production is [...]

Hepatoprotective properties of plant extracts: Melcalin Epadox

Introduction The activities carried out by the liver in the body are numerous and include the storage of glycogen (Gly)1, the synthesis of plasma proteins including albumin and coagulation factors, [...]

Renal function improvement with plant extracts: Melcalin Rendox draining effect

Introduction The kidneys perform different functions in our body: remove metabolic waste products (such as the nitrogenous), various medications (such as antibiotics) and other substances that we introduce, regulate the [...]

Melcalin BenVog: Voice and Throat Wellness

Supplement from antimicrobial, antiseptic and soothing properties Introduction Coughing is a natural physiologic response to the solicitation of an external agent that the body feels like a nuisance and try [...]

[SSP] Sports Science – Physical Mobility Rehabilitation and Psychophysical performance

Subscriptions are opened to take part in the "Updating Training and Advanced Professional Development in Sports Science, Physical Mobility Rehabilitation and Psychophysical performance - Open Academy of Medicine [SSP] 2016". [...]