Disposable Electrodes BioTekna

Disposable Electrodes

Disposable Bioimpedance, ECG, EMG BioTekna electrodes code 3034

These electrodes are designed for use with bioimpedance devices EKG and EMG. These self-adhesive electrodes are made with Ag/AgCl, and a specific solid conductive gel optimised for diagnostic measurements execution at rest.

Increased bioimpedance measurement sensitivity and diagnostic specificity, particularly on the low-frequency range, optimising the extracellular environment analysis.

  • Ag/AgCl and  the solid adhesive gel provide stable and reliable measurement signals, thanks to a highly conductive electrode-skin paring.
  • The special gel ensures a uniform contact impedance independently from the skin characteristics.
  • The pairing between the Biotekna electrode code 3034 to the BIA-ACC device allows an increase in diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the system thanks to the maximum error reduction detected in the measurement panel.
  • The special construction technique obtains reliable measurements, highly accurate, independently from the characteristics of the skin and temperature and humidity conditions.
  • The electrodes and packaging are latex-free and hypoallergenic. The electrodes do not leave any residue on the skin and are easy to apply and remove.
  • BioTekna electrode code 3034 are compatible with all bioimpedance devices EKG and EMG.