BioTekna’s story

February 2016


New TomEEx – Extracellular Electrolytic Tomography

January 2016

20 years of technological innovation, scientific research, improved health and psychophysical performance

4 International Congress of Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology, Metabolism, Clinical Nutrition and Physical-Motor Rehabilitation

12 National Congresses MUS, Stress, Chronic Inflammation and Clinical Nutrition

Since 1996 more than 400 seminars and courses of basic and advanced levels

December 2015

Health Radar 12th December: Health Radar, the new BioTekna Plus integrated diagnostics application

October 2015

October 2014

May 2014


19th May: New BIA – ACC

June 2013


27th June: PPG Stress Flow – HRV (Plethysmographic Heart Rate Variability)

October 2012


6th October: Open Academy of Medicine, International school of specialisation and continuing medical education

September 2008

BioTekna “10 Successful Case Histories” – at AREA Science Park – BioTekna Labs Trieste

May 2005

Portaledinu: diagnostic and nutritional therapeutic portal integrated to BioTekna devices and Melcalin food supplements


Logo Melcalin jpg

Melcalin: food supplements specifically designed for the recovery of the acid-base balance, of the metabolic and neuro-immuno-endocrine function, for the recovery of MUS and the achievement of psychophysical well-being.


National project MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms), vague symptoms and clinical nutrition

September 2004


Regmatex device: biofeedback system for the regulation of the extracellular matrix with a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications

June 2003


TomEEx: extracellular electrolyte tomography to analyse the extent and the two-dimensional localization of chronic inflammatory processes and the state of activation of the stress response system.

BIA-ACC 2003

BIA – ACC: assessment, analysis and monitoring of body composition in its quantitative, qualitative and functional aspects, using a multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance technology to maximize the measurement efficiency even when applied to patients with chronic inflammatory or stress related disorders.
Suitable for use in any clinical context, it is a non-invasive diagnostic tool able to detect in a precise, rapid and repeatable manner a large set of parameters relating to the patient’s body structure, highlighting the evolution during the process of psychophysical performance recovery.

May 2002

BioTest SC

Biotest SC: tomographic bidimensional  analysis of the extracellular environment

February 2000

Industrial patent for the reading of the electrical signals of the human body system. US and World Patent

March 1999

Dario Boschiero – BioTekna winner “stock award for the best innovation for life”

Industrial patent for biofeedback system of the human body for therapeutic use. US and World patent

Settlement of the laboratory Research & Development Labs BioTekna in AREA Science Park

April 1998

prototipo Lennox

Integrated diagnostic and therapeutic prototype: Lennox F59

Special mention to BioTekna for technological innovation in the Hi-Tech

January 1996


16thJanuary, 1996 incorporation of BioTekna – Biomedical Technologies, non-invasive hi-tech diagnosis, decode and classify the bioelectric signals of the human body and associate them to a state of illness or health. The initial assumption was charming, plausible but unproven, an idea to build a project on. The intuition of a team of researchers of a unique and successful business venture based on a new generation of devices for non-invasive human diagnostics.

BioTest1 Prot

Prototype of the first two-dimensional tomographic analysis


Biotest1: functional diagnostic system with bidimensional tomographic representation of the loose connective tissue