Biomedical Technologies since 1996

BioTekna has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical technology field.

It is committed in researching and developing methodologies, devices and innovative systems for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and in order to improve psychophysical performance.

The research and development department has developed a considerable expertise in relation to the analysis of the bioelectric properties of the tissues of the human body and their association with specific pathophysiological phenomena.

BioTekna, over the years, has built its activities around this area of expertise, relying on solid interchanges and on collaboration with some of the worldwide top experts for clinical and technological investigation. These synergies enabled the creation of innovative solutions together with the consolidation of research and validation processes.

Today the company operates with a multidisciplinary approach through research, development and training in the field of biomedical technology, of diagnostic methodologies and therapeutic and nutritional solutions for preventive protection and recovery of well-being and psychophysical performance.