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The applications of technology in clinical practice

The research and development has always played a fundamental role in BioTekna, which can now express extensive expertise gained from a consolidated group of biomedical engineering able to independently conduct each phase of the design of medical devices produced by the company: from preliminary analysis, to validation and production. Among the applications in clinical practice of technologies and devised solutions, the most important are mentioned hereinafter:

  • MUS, Medically Unexplained Symptoms;
  • general adaptation symptoms, stress and psychologic expression;
  • Neuroimmuno-modulation, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroimmuno-endocrinology;
  • autoimmune, metabolic, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases and disorders;
  • clinical nutrition;
  • physical mobility rehabilitation;
  • sport performance;
  • longevity and psychophysical performances.