For many years BioTekna has been applying advanced methodologies to increase human performance by applying them in the world of professional sport of international elite (rugby, athletics, MotoGP, football, F1, WSBK, Olympic sports, winter sports, etc ..), top managers, internationally renowned entrepreneurs, entertainers, influencers and opinion leaders from different sectors.


All this has been carried out confidentially until in 2016 the Psychophysical Performance Program began. This is an advanced integrated multidisciplinary Human Performance system that helps people to increase, recover or maintain their psychophysical performance. Thanks to the company’s advanced analysis systems which supply physical and psychological assessment, a series of tailor-made interventions represented by biofeedback actions, nutritional and physical activity plans are put in place based on context and life style of the subject.

With these new systems BioTekna has started to offer its skills through a service activity aimed at the end customer with specific psychophysical performance needs: sports, business owners, managers, small company, corporate, military, security, personal performance. Currently this service platform for Human Performance is available in BioTekna in Marcon (Venice) as a permanent development system for both Italy and abroad.

These are some of the variables analysed in the performance assessment and recovery studies by the Psychophysical Performance Program through the data collected by the BioTekna Plus platform:

  • score for Psycho-Physical Performance, Adaptability, activation and relaxation ability
  • psychophysical adaptive power
  • dominance of autonomic nervous system (emotions/logical)
  • focus
  • fight or flight and freeze response
  • resilience, adaptation, recovery
  • muscular strength
  • muscular function & mobility
  • body hydration, conductivity and composition
  • analysis of Physiological, Physical, Autonomic, Cognitive and Proprioceptive factors






  • Italian National Track and Field Athletes, IT
  • Athletic BioTekna, Marcon, Venice, IT
  • McLaren Technology Group, Woking, UK
  • Benetton Rugby, Treviso, IT
  • Italian National Women's Artistic Gymnastics, IT
  • Italian National Fencing Athletes, IT
  • Italian National Skiing Athletes, IT
  • Top riders and teams in MotoGP, WSBK and Formula1