BioTekna Medical Technology


In 1996 BioTekna was the first company to develop technologies for the study of inflammatory processes and chronic stress through new non-invasive methods of analysis of bio-impedances and human potentials. These technologies have been validated with gold standard markers for chronic stress and inflammation from health to disease.



The assessment of chronic inflammation and its link with MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms) is vital to BioTekna in the study of diseases, disorders, maintenance of health and crucially, performance. BioTekna has developed the first non-invasive tomographic technology (tomographic bioimpedance) for the recognition and localisation of low-grade chronic inflammatory processes.

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Thanks to this technology in 2004 it was possible to develop the analysis of bioimpedance body composition with the recognition of inflammatory processes and their impact on body composition (muscle, bone, fat and type of fat).

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PPG Stress Flow

The need to study the human body in an integrated and rapid way led BioTekna to develop another important technology for the analysis of the autonomic nervous system on a photoplethysmographic basis to study all the autonomous regulations of the human body and the endogenous and exogenous influences.

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Subsequent validations have led to the development of the first non-invasive techniques of recognition and analysis of osteosarcopenic obesity syndrome (OSO), a condition that defines a state of non-performance and health, which, if neglected over time, is the main trigger of all chronic diseases.

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From diagnostic findings and mass-data collection, a series of biofeedback systems have been developed that are useful for the recovery of psychophysical performance. After years of monitoring, BioTekna validated the first non-invasive technology for the management of chronic pain for both medical and rehabilitative areas and recovery of performance from chronic stress and mental pain.

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The experiences gained by BioTekna in the psychophysical performance in both working and sport environments have led to the development of more advanced and portable technologies for real-time performance analysis both locally and remotely, for one-to-one and team or corporate activities: the BioTekna Performance platform and the BioTekna ANS Control device.