TomEEX BioTekna Medical Device

The chronic inflammatory processes analysis and the activation state of the stress reaction system.

TomEEx is a medical device for the recognition and localisation of low-grade chronic inflammatory processes


The medical device TomEEx (Electrolytic Extracellular Tomography) is a two-dimensional analysis device of chronic inflammatory processes, their entities and localisation. It also analyses the activation state of the stress reaction system, performing extracellular bio-impedance tomographic measurements cycles. The device helps the differential diagnosis process for diseases, disorders and pathologies of the above-mentioned clinic investigation areas.

The measurement procedure can highlight in a few minutes the regions characterised by the bioelectrical profiles associated with an inflammatory state. At the same time, in order to analyse the response capacity and adaptation to stress, the medical device TomEEx applies specific low frequency and intensities stimulations comparable to the stressor agents.



The medical device TomEEx device features make it suitable for use in all contexts in which it is relevant to get a patient systemic framework in relation to the chronic inflammatory states and the state of the reaction processes to the stress:

  • Diagnostics and monitoring of chronic inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases;
  • Monitoring of the general adaptation syndrome and stress-related disorders;
  • Differential diagnosis of vague and nonspecific MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms);
  • Analysis of psychological expressions and emotions;
  • Longevity and psychophysical performance.



The basic device can detect the following parameters:

  • BEC, Basal Extracellular Conductance
  • ECR, Extracellular Conductance Response
  • DECW+: recognition and localisation of inflammatory processes or metabolic alteration waste products
  • DECW-: analysis of changes in the systemic hidroelectrolitico distribution

Advanced applications

The medical device TomEEx can be used in combination with other advanced applications available on the BioTekna Plus integrated platform , which expands the dynamic analysis capabilities of the system response to chronic stress.



Included with every TomEEX device:

  • USB cable
  • TomEEx patient cable
  • TomEEx footboards
  • TomEEx bands kit (frontal, cervical, lumbar)
  • TomEEx hand electrodes
  • Instruction manual.