RegMatEx BioTekna Medical Devices

Non-invasive electrodermal biofeedback medical device useful for reducing chronic perceived pain, systemic inflammation and stress

RegMaEx is a medical device developed by BioTekna the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation


The RegMatEx medical device electrodermal biofeedback is a non-invasive and easy to use therapeutic method, free of side effects, with high patient acceptability, excellent efficacy, and duration of effect, and, hence, a valuable tool in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

The non-invasive biofeedback medical device for the regulation of cell membrane electric potentials reads the action potential differences of the human body in the least distal parts (hands) and generates feedback of potential values between the device and the patient in the most distal parts (feet). The system, through low-frequency polarized electromagnetic signals, modifies ionic mobility of the key electrolytes by stimulating active exchange through action potentials, concentration gradients, and electrostatic forces, in effect favoring the repolarization of cell membrane potentials.


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  • Real and/or perceived pain
  • Chronic nonspecific pain
  • Chronic stress
  • Low-grade nonspecific inflammation
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Chronic inflammation on an autoimmune basis





Advanced applications
The RegMatEx medical device can be used in association with various advanced applications available on the integrated BioTekna Plus platform, which allow to expand the functionality of the biofeedback processes.
In particular, with the PPG Stress Flow Device it is possible to combine advanced and specific BioFeedback treatments based on functional disorders and / or chronic diseases





Each RegMatEx medical device is completed by the following equipment:

  • USB cable
  • RegMatEx patient cable
  • Temperature sensor
  • N.4 Bracelet electrodes
  • N.4 Safety bracelets
  • Instruction manual for use