PPG Stress Flow

Analysis, monitoring and biofeedback of the autonomic nervous system and the heart rate variability

The PPG Stress Flow device, thanks to a multi-channel measurement plethysmograph technology applied to the distal ends of the limbs, allows to analyze the overall activity of the autonomic nervous system and the heart rate variability.

The instrumental examination has a duration of a few minutes and allows the study and direct monitoring of all functions of the autonomic nervous system and related process of biofeedback, furthermore allows the chronic inflammatory and stress-related diseases disorders differential diagnosis processes.

From clinical to sports contexts, to clinical psychology, the analysis of the heart rate variability and the indicators of the autonomic nervous system provide an help in a growing variety of applications:

  • Monitoring of the general adaptation syndrome and stress-related disorders;
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of inflammatory chronic disorders and autoimmune diseases;
  • Psychological expressions and emotions analysis;
  • Sport performance
  • Longevity and psychophysical performance.

The device basic version is able to analyse all the aspects below listed:

  • Mean HR: average heart rate.
  • SDNN: HRV synthetic index.
  • VLF power: sympathetic nervous system slower processes indicator.
  • LF power: sympathetic activity indicator.
  • HF power: parasympathetic activity indicator.
  • Scatter – Heart rate: heart rate variability representation.
  • Bilateral flow: bloodstream multi-chanel representation.
  • ANS Balance: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activation representation.

Advanced application

The PPG Stress Flow device can be used in combination with the other advanced applications available on BioTekna Plus, integrated platform. The applications allow to extend the analysis capabilities of the autonomic nervous system and to evaluate the biofeedback process.

PPG_EN_01   PPG_EN_02


With every PPG Stress Flow device is included:

  • USB cable;
  • PPG Stress Flow sensors;
  • instructions manual;
  • functional testing device.