Allies of the immune system

The immune system is a complex and powerful defense mechanism.
Its main function is to defend the body against pathogens, i.e. organisms (such as viruses and bacteria) that cause disease.
A complex and intricate network of tissues, cells and proteins work together to perform this function.
In the scientific literature there are extensive studies that show how diseases, nutritional deficiencies, poor lifestyle, dehydration, smoking, aging and loss of muscle mass have an impact on the proper functioning of the immune system. This implies an inevitable decrease in its efficiency in case of exposure to pathogens. [1]
A valuable help to our body’s defense system is provided by micronutrients, that support the complex and intricate network of tissues and cells allowing us to defend ourselves from pathogens.
Some of these are Zinc and Vitamin D.
The vital role that zinc plays in both health and disease has been known for many years. Regular intake of zinc and the coordinated function of zinc transporters are essential to maintain its homeostasis and good health, as it is involved in all biological systems and more than 100 enzymatic reactions. Moderate zinc deficiencies are seen in individuals with immunodepression and elderly people, as well as in patients with severe diseases. [2-4]
Vitamin D, widely studied in recent years, is not only important for bone health, it also acts as a powerful predictor of chronic diseases, as it is involved in cellular immunity. [5-7]
The use of supplements containing Zinc in synergy with supplements containing Vitamin D may be useful to increase the defense mechanisms against pathogens. 

Authors: M. Lucafò, D. Boschiero

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