Body Composition and COVID-19

Measurement of IMAT as a predictor of outcome in patients with COVID-19

Obesity is a strong risk factor for negative outcomes in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, and fat distribution and amount of muscle mass are much more accurate risk factors than simply measuring fat mass or BMI.

Recent studies have shown that body composition measurements obtained with advanced devices that measure abdominal fat (AAT), intra and intermuscular ectopic fat (IMAT) and muscle mass (S-score and muscle mass) are excellent predictors. of outcomes in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

IMAT has been associated with an increased risk of ICU admission or death in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, regardless of other established prognostic factors.

On the predictive power of this discovery, body composition measurements could serve as novel outcome biomarkers in COVID-19 patients.

There is a strong relationship between body composition measurements (S-score, muscle mass), systemic inflammation, and clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19.

Sarcopenia in the presence of obesity was found to be associated with clinical outcomes, including increased mortality at 30 days.

Body composition may play an important role in predicting clinical outcome in COVID-19 patients. S-score, muscle mass, AAT (VAT) and IMAT are predictors of negative outcome in hospitalized patients and this suggests that advanced measures of body composition with BIA-ACC device may serve as novel outcome biomarkers in patients with COVID-19.

Autori: Dario Boschiero - Data: 23/11/2021

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